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iMix 104.5 News, talkin' about what's HOT

April 27th
Jamie Hewlett confirms that an animated Gorillaz TV show is officially in the works.
April 27th
Bob Inglis is a convert to the cause
April 27th
There are filmmakers who have spent their whole careers trying to nail down a vision of New York. As a result, New York is maybe the most iconicized, rhapsodized, and oversized city on film. But true to his affable reputation, the late Jonathan Demme avoi...
April 27th
Blink-182 say their new song ‘6/8’ is the ‘strangest’ one they’ve ever made
April 27th
Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and a ton of other major live events are leading the charge in rocking out sustainably

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